• Cigars for Warriors

    Our friend and generous customer of Bouch’s Joe Lynn, donated four six packs of Perdomo’s Bourbon Barrel-Aged cigars to Cigars for Warriors. Joe, thank you and thanks to all of our military heroes serving our USA!

    If you would like to donate to Cigars for Warriors come by the shop or call 251-517-9526

  • Merry, Merry Christmas to All & Dilly, Dilly to All!

    Merry, Merry Christmas to All & Dilly, Dilly to All!

    With Mitch Canupp, the Silver Fox, and in the NOLA Airport with a young man wearing the sweatshirt that had to be made: Dilly, Dilly! Gene Bouchillon

  • Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes Mardi Gras Party for “CFW”

    Bouch’s Courtyard – 5:30pm, Friday: Cigars for Warriors: Loyal Order of the Water Buffaloes, Lodge 23, Mardi Gras celebration. Members,

    $5 & 1 premium cigar donation to Cigars for Wars; Non-Members (Pledges),

    $5 & 4-Pak premium cigars donation to Cigars for Warriors. Initiation rituals to this elite Order to be supervised by Joe Tetro, Dr. Ron Schindler, and Mickey Finn. Complimentary Refreshments & Libations provided. 6:45pm – Maids of Jubilee Mardi Gras Parade.

  • Perdomo Tobacco Farm Tour 2018.

    Perdomo Tobacco Farm Tour 2018. Visited a field yesterday created in an ancient volcano crater. Depending on the plant variety, one acre grows 24,000 – 27,500 tobacco plants. The Perdomo family employs over 4,200 people with some of the highest paying jobs in Nicaragua. People want to work here with almost a 0% unemployment rate in this area. And, what a beautiful spirit they display. Christopher Harper Perdomo Peter PerdomoCigars